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Classical music is always nearby. When I find myself in a place between time and space there's always music. Long forrest walks with my dog, meditations, stone circles, Snowdonia, … are always a good start to receive music. More than often it is classical music, resonating over and over in my head.
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The East.
The morning, the moment of renewal in nature.
Clarity and direction are active forces

"Il paradiso perduto"

Here is "Fountain of Youth"

The North.
The night, the moment of wisdom.
Old Age.
Out of darkness light emerges.


The West,
The evening, moment of reflection.
Mid life.
The quest for truth,
meditation and the determine of objects comes forward.

this brought me to IL NUOVO TANTO ATTESO TEMPO

1. Il Paradiso Perduto
2. la Forza Della Mia Anima
3. L’Unita
4. Un Nuovo Inizio
5. From Darkness To Light
6. Un Regalo Del Mare
7. Fountain Of Youth
8. La luce Della Sera
9. Angelo Tenero
10. Il Nuovo Attesso Tempo
11. Dea Del Sole
12. Feels So Good
totale tijd                   72 min.
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