ALAIN SMITS - Rock Music

English version
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And now I think it's time to rock and hear some guitars!
I've been a guitar player for over 35years. As a kid I studied the classical guitar and I loved it. I still do. However somewhere somehow I started listening to rock and a bit later after seeing Miles Davis live together with the incredible Mike Stern on guitar I didn't know which way to look first.
As a kid I went to hundreds of concerts, and no not only Queen..... no, as I mentioned also seeing Miles Davis live on stage was a major inner shock for me. I was blown away. For me this was never easy. I started to understand that music has nothing to do with music genres but with energy. Guitarplayer's as George Benson? Mike Stern - Scofield? Or Montgomery - Pass? or maybe Gary Moore, Stevie, Jimmy or bands like Fleetwood Mac, Steely Dan, Stone Temple Pilots ,.... Oh oh..... , I never could hold grip on one specific music style for too long.
I am the boy in the candy shop. It is all to interesting! But oh yeah there is a rocker in me, always.

So one day I had to do a rock album,
Here you have a couple of rock songs from the past.... some time ago :-)
These audio samples were recorded back in 1998 in Area 51 recording studio in Hannover together with Big Time producer Tommy Newton.
Again, I did all lead vocals, guitars and compositions.
This music is from the first and only ASKARI full CD that was released in Japan. (1998)


It's Too Late

This first song "It's Too Late" starts with the bridge into the guitar solo and final chorus...

She's In Red

Next song is She's In Red….. a few guitars?? ;-)) and yes that's a Fender Stratocaster.

Papa Was A Rolling Stone

and here is my version of "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" What you hear is a Gidson Les Paul ….. still it is one of my favorite guitars together with my original ’67 Esquier Telecaster.

The World Is Crazy

and here it is: The World is Crazy. This song was never released as many others. However this is one of my favorites. it’s drop D and together with a couple of Solano 100W amps, which I endorsed back then, you get this.
The World Is Crazy is recorded with my favorite Gibson Les Paul and sounds big time. There is nothing like the sound of a Les Paul. Somebody interested in this song or more ? …. I will rock you :-)

Another Place

A year after the release of the full CD Askari we decided to go for this single CD Another Place.

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