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INNER SENSES MUSIC 8 Kristalan CD”s: Muziek die de zintuigen doen prikkelen. Cinematic - ontspanning en meditatie

CLASSICAL MUSIC Diepe passie in vervulling gegaan. Heerlijk

ROCKMUSIC 1998 release in Japan

POPMUSIC 1999 solo.

SINGER SONGWRITER 2001 samen met Kristien De Winter ( Angela Smits in haar buikje) Don Dixon (REM), Jim Brock (Janis Ian) en Mark Williams in de VS. Opgenomen in Mitch Easters The Phidelitorium (REM) en de Ocean Way studio’s in Nashville.
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Music is the language of the soul.
I believe it is the most precious art form we have.
It can make us smile, dance, cry, and when listening closer it can even make us feel divine.
It has the quality to pick you up and bring you to new inner worlds.
Music is a beautiful and easy vehicle to those places.
We hear music, but most important is that "we feel music"

II've been writing music since more than 30 years. It is a beautiful expression of the soul.
From rock - singer songwriter - to classical music. It doesn't matter to me. It is all one energy!
I'm the Musical Director of my own label "Kristalan" it is very cinematic
I like to work with and for people with a vision!